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Music for Massage
Chill Out!:

Very relaxing. I play this CD quite often.

2 CD's; Quiet Heart and Spirit Wind. Single Bamboo flute. Quiet Heart is somewhat more relaxing. Sprit Wind has chimes added to good effect.

Shakuhachi (Bamboo Flute) and Koto (Plucked String Instrument). Excellent combination for putting the client in another world.
Classical Music:

J.S. Bach, 5 CD Box Set. Not always in stock. Worth the wait. Note: I mostly play the Brandenburg Concertos 4,5,6. The entire box set costs less than some individual CD's playing the same material.

10 CD Box Set. Some CD's seem to drop out occasionally at the lower volume I use for massage. Excellent buy even if you only use half the CD's. One of my first buys for massage music. I have excellent feedback with this music. Clients who would never play classical music get very relaxed with these CD's.

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