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Imagery in Stress Reduction

Imagery is a potent method for stress reduction, especially when combined with physical methods such as deep breathing.

Imagery in Relaxation

One common use of imagery in relaxation is to imagine a scene, place or event that you remember as peaceful, restful, beautiful and happy. You can bring all your senses into the image, with sounds of running water and birds, the smell of cut grass, the taste of cool white wine, the warmth of sun, etc. Use the imagined place as a retreat from places of stress and pressure.

Other uses of imagery in relaxation involve mental pictures of stress flowing out of the body; or of stress, distractions and everyday concerns being folded away and locked into a padlocked chest.

Use of imagery is as flexible as the effort you put into developing images that meet your specific needs. This use of imagery to drive relaxation is one of the main ways that Eastern mystics use to achieve spectacular reductions in, for example, pulse rate.


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