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The Golden Posture

  • Find the tops of your ears.
  • Continue from that point to the top of your head along the center line (GV-20).
  • Press in on that spot.
  • Imagine that you screw a "Golden Screw" into the top of your head.
  • Press down again so that you feel the screw enter your skull.
  • The Screw is Golden and magical therefore it causes no pain.
  • Attach a "Golden Thread" to the "Golden Screw".
  • Throw the "Golden Thread" way high in the sky where it rounds the "Golden Bar" and hangs down in front of you. Actually go through the motion of throwing the "Golden Thread". Try to imagine and "see" the "Golden Thread" in front of you. Go through the motion of holding the "Golden Thread" and pull it down.
  • As you pull down on the "Thread" you find that your head, which is attached to the "Golden Thread" at the other end, pulls you up from the point of the "Golden Screw". Keep your eyes looking straight ahead. As your head lifts you find yourself dangling from the point of the "Golden Screw" and in perfect posture, so that:
  • The ear is in line with the shoulder.
    The shoulder is in line with the hip.
    The hip is in line with the knee.
    The knee is in line with the ankle.
  • The arm hangs down so that the elbow is near the hip and the fingers are along the side of your leg (ITB).
  • The point of this exercise is that perfect posture is better derived from hanging from the top of your head than from pushing up from your feet.

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